Mining waste management and its reclamation

      Years of successful operations of MDW S.A. mother companies resulted in the development of a mining waste reclamation technology, now patented by
MDW S.A. (patent No 203156). The technology enables a complete reclamation of mining waste with the following code numbers: 01 05 04, 01 05 07 and 01 05 08, by using this waste as reclamation material at landfill sites and brownfields. Moreover, the technology was granted a positive opinion of the Polish Academy of Science and of the Central Mining Institute.

Other MDW S.A. services in the mining waste management cover:

? management of hazardous and other than hazardous wastes e.g. deposit waters, fracking waters, waste polluted by petroleum substances
? transport of drilling muds and hazardous and other than hazardous wastes
? cleaning of tanks and industrial installations
? storing of drilling fluids and petroleum
? servicing and installation of various industrial machinery and mining devices
? administrative and legal support in waste management
? HSE and fire protection support in waste management
? securing and reclamation of landfill sites and brownfields
? installation of gas collection systems at landfill sites

The patented Reclamation Technology developed by MDW S.A. allows for a construction of insulation and sealing layers at closed landfi ll sites and brownfi elds. The layers are composed of special reclamation materials like rocky cuttings obtained from reconnaissance and mining drilling as well as various supplements such as sand, organic adhesives or humus-creating components. Implementation of this reclamation technology eliminates any negative environmental impact of landfi ll sites and brownfi elds. This is achieved by placing a multi-layer sealing which prevents rainwater from infi ltrating the body of a landfi ll or a brownfi eld, and enables a maximum drainage of rainwater. Prevention from leakage of landfi ll gas outside of the body of landfi ll site is also a signifi cant outcome.


Construction of the following three reclamation layers fully secures a landfill site:

? the leveling and degassing layer separates waste from the sealing layer and creates its stable base
? the essential sealing layer secures landfi ll body from rainwater infi ltration reducing leakage at the same time, and prevents from free fl ow of landfi ll gas
? the humus layer improves stability of the sealing layer, regulates water relations, and creates a good habitat for plants existing within the reclaimed area

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